Let's Meet

Reserve A Date

I am flattered that you are interested in spending time together, but before we can solidify things, there is some information that I will need from you:

I will need your name, age, preferred method of contact, as well as, 2 recent provider references. If you do not have any references, that’s okay! Simply, provide me with a link to your employers website that has information about yourself or you can send a link to your LinkedIn profile.

If we have yet to be acquainted, please tell me a little about yourself. It gives me some insight on who I am meeting, as well as, it helps me in knowing what you want most from our time together. Meeting new people can sometimes be nerve-wrecking and this introduction helps breaks the ice a little.


I am very open minded so, if you have any special requests such as me being dressed a certain way, wearing little to no fragrance and etc. Feel free to mention. I want our time together to be everything you could’ve ever imagined!

Send all info to: ryanreign@tutanota.com